More gas appliances.

More Possibilities.

More Savings.

The more natural gas appliances you convert, the greater the savings and benefits for your home or business.

Step 1: Convert Appliance

As a current PGW customer, converting one or more of the following appliances to natural gas from electric, oil or propane makes you eligible for a credit to your gas account.

Step 2: Apply for incentives

To receive the credit, you will need to submit the online application or mail the completed application to PGW headquarters and provide the following:

Receipt for completed installation

Copy of the contract signed by you and the installation contractor

Within 7 business days from obtaining the application, PGW will review and approve or reject the application. If approved*, you will be notified and receive the credit in your gas account in 4-6 weeks.

*PGW does not guarantee a credit will be approved and may require additional information to confirm conversion to provide approval.

PGW’s attractive incentive programs make it easy to expand the benefits of your natural gas connection.